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Digital list promises DSGVO-compliant contactless registration of customers & participants

Düsseldorf, 20. May 2020 – Inscribe is a new service of a medium-sized IT company from Düsseldorf, which enables the contactless entry of customers and subscribers into a digital list with simple handling. Thus, Inscribe offers a hygienic and data protection compliant way of implementing and complying with the Corona protection regulation guidelines of the federal states for the service industry. In addition, further information such as the provision of a digital service catalogue is made possible.


Data entry in digital list saves time and effort for customers and operators

In order to make further relaxation of the Covid-19 measures secure and to be able to detect infection chains as completely as possible, service providers* have been obliged since 11 May 2020 to record their customers’ data in encrypted form and to store it for four weeks. In the event of an infection, possible contact persons can thus be identified and informed. With Inscribe, this can be implemented simply and securely: by posting an individual QR code, which customers can scan with their smartphone and enter their data in just one step. In this way, additional work and costs on the part of the company can be kept to a minimum. Pen, publicly available lists, disinfection, manual sorting according to date and time as well as storage of documents are no longer necessary. In addition, in the case of contact tracking, with just one click and secure verification of the service provider, a complete digital list of potential contact persons can be made available to the health authority. This also eliminates the time-consuming search for the right documents.


How Inscribe works and what are the possible applications

Owners* of service companies can register via the web application and obtain an individual QR code for easy and contactless registration. The QR code can be displayed in the shop or displayed at tables. Customers scan this code with the camera of their smartphone and are then asked to enter their personal data. This has the advantage that customers can quickly and easily enter their personal data into the digital list without registration. Registration and deregistration via the smartphone automatically records the date and time. The data of customers and participants are encrypted and stored in compliance with DSGVO and can only be accessed using the service provider’s special and individual verification key. In the case of contact tracing, a complete list of potential contact persons, including times of stay, can be made available to the public health department with just one click. The collected data is automatically deleted after the specified period of four weeks. This digital solution eliminates the manual effort and the time and effort involved.


Contact tracking also useful in the area of leisure activities

Not only the service industry can benefit from the use of the digital list. The use of the simple registration procedure is also of interest to sports clubs and other leisure facilities. Participation in leisure activities can also be made safe.