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Inscribe supports Haeger & Schmidt Logistics with digital guest registration at its Duisburg company location

Since the beginning of June, the logistics company Haeger & Schmidt Logistics has been using the paperless and simple web-based solution Inscribe to record visitor data of customers and external guests in compliance with data protection regulations, thus ensuring contact tracking in the event of an incident. Data protection concerns and paperwork are now a thing of the past with the QR Code solution.

After all, it is not only the catering businesses in NRW that are doing their utmost to offer their customers a safe stay in the restaurants. Forward-looking companies such as Haeger & Schmidt Logistics are also committed to ensuring that visits to their company locations are safe and that any possible spread is avoided.


Inscribe solves privacy concerns and manual sorting & storage

Decisive for the use of the Inscribe digital solution were the concerns of the management and the data protection officer about having to record visitor data locally by hand and with a lot of paperwork, and to comply with the associated guidelines for data protection and the storage of personal data.

Since the beginning of June, Inscribe has been used to record and store visitor data in encrypted form using QR codes. If the worst comes to the worst, Haeger & Schmidt Logistics can thus provide the health authorities with a complete list of all persons who have been on their premises on a particular date with just one click, in compliance with DSGVO. This also eliminates the time-consuming search for the right documents.


“With Inscribe, we have found a modern and digital solution to be able to continue to maintain necessary business appointments and meetings at our company location, while doing our best to avoid distribution,” said René Kohlhause, Head of IT Services at Haeger & Schmidt Logistics.

The data is stored in encrypted form and can only be accessed with a private access key issued by the data protection officer. After the prescribed retention period of 30 days, all data is automatically deleted.


Haeger & Schmidt Logistics is considering extending the solution for contactless visitor registration to its other locations and possibly also to ships as soon as further features, such as the simultaneous registration of several locations or live dashboards on current traffic volumes, become available.

About the Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Group

The Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Group (HSL) offers a comprehensive logistics portfolio in Europe with the companies Haeger & Schmidt Logistics GmbH and HSW Logistics GmbH – both based in Duisburg, as well as Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Belgium NV in Antwerp, Haeger & Schmidt Logistics BV in Rotterdam, ETK Euro Terminal Kehl GmbH in the Rhine port of Kehl and Best Logistics Sp.z o.o in Szczecin. Today, HSL employs around 200 people at 11 European locations and generates annual sales of over 175 million euros.