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Digital participant list for a safe handball season at the Hildener AT

Inscribe als digitale Teilnehmerliste beim Hildener AT Header

The handball players of the Hildener AT do not only have power, but also brains! Because they use the digital participant list Inscribe as part of their hygiene concept for contactless registration of guests and spectators at the long-awaited home games. This way, visitors can safely enjoy the sport without having to deal with annoying paperwork.

The hygiene concept of the Hildener AT includes not only compulsory masks and distance control but also the digital registration of persons present. In this way it can be determined who was exposed to a potential risk of infection. With the help of the QR codes, sports enthusiasts can register themselves on the digital list of participants and thus finally cheer on their teams during training sessions and home games.

Inscribe als digitale Teilnehmerliste beim Hildener AT im Einsatz

With Smartphone and QR Code solution into the new season

For far too long now, the fans of the Hilden wolves have had to give up the sport with the flying ball. But with the support of Inscribe as a digital and contactless participant list, they finally started again a few weeks ago. Since the start of the season, visitors to the season games have been able to pull out their smartphones when entering the arcade and enter the digital list of participants by means of the QR code. In this way, contact tracking can be guaranteed in the event of an incident and the potential spread of viruses can be kept as low as possible.

Jürgen Völl Hildener AT

“In order to offer our fans security and protection against infection, we use the Inscribe solution for participant registration on home match days. This allows us all to concentrate on the essentials and enjoy the sport together”,

says Jürgen Voll, head of department at the Hilden AT

Instead of keeping these lists with paper & pencil as required by the health authorities, the Hilden AT prefers to use the simple and digital alternative. This reduces the organisational effort, the participant lists no longer have to be stored locally and the destruction of the documents after the legally required deadline is no longer necessary. The time gained can be filled with the love for sport.

The visitors’ personal data is stored in accordance with data protection regulations and is automatically deleted after the deadline has expired. If, however, there is a suspicion of infection within this period, the data protection officer of the Hildener AT can export the digital visitor list for the period in question at the push of a button and does not have to sift through hundreds of handwritten notes to find the persons in question. The digital recording also provides an exact time window in which the persons were present in the hall. This facilitates contact tracking immensely.

About the Hilden AT

The Hilden General Gymnastics Association enables people in Hilden and the surrounding area to pursue their passion for sport. Under the slogan “Sport is at its best in a club”, not only the love of sport is encouraged. The club is also aware of its social role and does everything for the protection and safety of its members and friends. We are happy that we can support the Hilden AT as a sponsor and with our digital visitor list and wish them a successful season!