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Safe working through digital office list: At COCUS with the QR Code solution Inscribe

COCUS AG, a medium-sized IT Solution & Service Provider, has developed the digital guest list Inscribe as a tool for the registration of guests and visitors. This is because since spring 2020, the German government expects personal data of guests to be recorded in order to enable contact tracing in the event of a potential infection. And it is not only the catering industry that relies on our digital office list Inscribe to make secure and data protection-compliant guest registration as easy as possible. Companies, sports clubs and cultural institutions also use Inscribe. Of course, we at COCUS also use our solution to protect our colleagues who want to work on site.

Inscribe QR-Code in the COCUS entrance area

At COCUS, we not only attach great importance to data protection, but also to the security and well-being of our employees. For us, this means that the employees themselves decide whether they want to work remotely or on site. With the help of digital means, own IT infrastructures and VPN connections, working from the remote or home office is no problem at all.

However, even the employees on site do not have to worry about the potential for infection. Neither computer nor corona viruses have a chance at COCUS. In addition to distance, mask and room controls, we also use Inscribe to make contact tracking as easy as possible in the event of an incident. Anyone who would like to work on site simply scans the QR code in the entrance area and is thus digitally recorded. Only the data protection officer has access to the data, and only in case of need, after consultation with the management.

With Inscribe, it is then easy to select the period of time in question, create a list of potentially affected persons and send it to the public health department to assist in clarifying chains of infection.

The data of employees and visitors is also protected against external access via Inscribe, is collected for a specific purpose and automatically deleted. Thus, Inscribe complies with the DSGVO regulations and is clearly compliant with data protection laws.

“Employees who want to work in the office are protected by this hygiene concept – and if the worst comes to the worst, Inscribe can provide optimum support in clarifying the chains of infection!”

Oliver Hüttig, Management Board of COCUS AG

With Inscribe, COCUS AG creates a free and secure implementation of the required security measures. Through the simple and uncomplicated use with the help of QR codes, companies, businesses, restaurateurs and service providers from all sectors can supplement their hygiene concepts. Further functionalities such as a live dashboard to see the number of people currently logged in, the setting of upper limits, the addition of further locations and areas as well as the solution with your own logo and look & feel are also available in a premium version.