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Frequently Asked Questions

Inscribe is a digital solution for guest and visitor registration in times of corona protection measures. The personal data is stored digitally and decentral. Thus, paper work and handwritten guest lists are a thing of the past. You can easily and quickly register with Inscribe.

After your registration, you can download and print your QR code. Hang it up in a clearly visible place where you want your guests to check in.

Your guests scan your digital or printed QR code with their smartphone. This can be done easily via the smartphone camera or via apps that read QR codes.
Your guest points the camera at the QR code, then a link to Inscribe appears. There your guest enters his data. See tutorials

The laws of the Corona Protection Ordinance for the containment of the spread of the Corona virus make it advisable to record the data of guests present on site. Should a guest test positive for the virus, the public health department can request a contact tracing and thereby warn possible contact persons.

Yes, Inscribe complies with the GDPR data protection regulations. The collected data is stored encrypted on servers in Germany. Only with the help of the individual certification key, which is issued during registration, can the data be decrypted again and made available to the public health department. Third parties, including COCUS AG, have no access to this data.

Inscribe is a web application. Any common smartphone that is capable of scanning QR codes can use Inscribe.

The data is encrypted and stored on german servers. If you have to send a list to the health authorities, you can decrypt and download the list from the corresponding day with your certification key.

No, the data of your guests will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

Your guest can add other people from the same household at check-in.

No, the basic functions of Inscribe are free.
Additional premium features are available in Inscribe for Business for a fee.

Inscribe is a cross-sector solution. This means that you can use Inscribe for many industries, for example, in gastronomy, in stationary trade, in sports clubs, at events and many more.

We offer Inscribe as a white label solution. If you would like to use Inscribe in other colors and with your logo, please contact us! We will give you a quote.

Unfortunately no. You can only access the encrypted data list with the help of the access key that was issued once. If we had access to your data, the list would no longer be as secure and compliant with data protection laws.

If you have a technical problem and cannot find a solution on your own, please contact us at

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