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A prerequisite for the reopening of restaurants and bars is guest registration. Many businesses still use pen and paper for this. This not only causes unnecessary piles of paper and a lot of manual effort to sort, sift and manually destroy them after 30 days, but also poses a problem for many businesses as to how data protection can be properly enforced. But this does not have to be the case: with the help of Inscribe, guests can be digitally registered quickly and easily and data protection compliant. After the 30-day period has expired, the data is automatically deleted.

Sport Clubs.

With the help of hygiene concepts, the states want to make it possible to attend sporting events again. This includes the registration of visitors. To ensure that this is done quickly and easily, sports facilities and clubs can use the digital visitor list Inscribe for their game days, but also for regular training. Visitors and players can use their smartphones to easily register and store their data. The result is a gdpr compliant digital list, in which everyone present is listed and which can only be decrypted by the data protection officer. After the 30-day period has expired, the data is automatically deleted.


Mit Hilfe von Hygienekonzepten möchten die Bundesländer den Besuch von Sportevents wieder ermöglichen. Dazu gehört die eindeutige Erfassung von Besuchern. Damit das Ganze schnell und einfach von statten geht, können Sportstätten und -vereine für ihre Heim- und Auswärtsspiele, aber auch für das Training, die digitale Besucherliste Inscribe nutzen. Damit können sich Besucher und auch Spieler mit Hilfe ihres Smartphones an den Halleneingängen unkompliziert anmelden und ihre Daten hinterlegen. Dadurch entsteht eine datenschutzkonforme digitale Liste, auf der alle anwesenden Personen eingetragen sind und die nur vom Datenschutzbeauftragten entschlüsselt werden kann. Nach Ablauf der 30 Tage-Frist werden die Daten automatisch gelöscht.

Cultural Sites.

Whether going to a museum, a theatre or visiting a gallery – the safety of the visitors always comes first when enjoying culture. Many precautions had to be taken, so that German cultural sites could reopen. Often, personalised tickets are sold in advance to ensure that contacts can be traced. However, the tickets at the box office do not allow the buyer to be contacted when needed. This is where the cultural sites can use Inscribe to enable visitors to check in quickly and easily to the digital visitor list. After the 30-day period has expired without a reported Corona risk, the data is automatically deleted.


Even though many companies started to rely on working from the home office, there are some industries where personal presence remains essential. In these companies it is important that employees and customers are protected from the risk of infection and can be identified as a potential contact person in case of an infection. With the help of the digital QR Code visitor list, which can be used in entrance areas, meeting and conference rooms or special hot spots such as the cafeteria, companies can digitally register everyone who spends time in the company. With Inscribe for Business, companies can enjoy the digital solution in their own design, capture multiple locations and monitor the current visitor traffic with the live Dashboard. This way, it is possible to evaluate whether the hygiene concept has been successfully implemented at any time.


Obwohl viele Unternehmen mittlerweile auf die Arbeit aus dem Home Office zurückgreifen, gibt es so einige Branchen, in denen die persönliche Anwesenheit unabdingbar bleibt. Gerade in solchen Unternehmen ist es wichtig, dass die Mitarbeiter und Kunden vor einer Ansteckungsgefahr geschützt und im Falle einer Infektion als potenzielle Kontaktperson identifiziert werden können. Mit Hilfe der digitalen QR-Code Besucherliste, die in Eingangsbereichen, Tagungs- und Konferenzräumen oder besonderen Hot Spots wie der Cafeteria können Unternehmen die Personen digital registrieren. Mit Inscribe for Business können Unternehmen die digitale Lösung im eigenen Design erstellen, mehrere Standorte erfassen und mit dem Live Dashboard das aktuelle Besucheraufkommen überwachen. So kann jederzeit ausgewertet werden, ob das Hygienekonzept erfolgreich umgesetzt wird.


The attendance of fairs, concerts, weddings and festivals, but also small celebrations for birthdays are now limited under the Corona state regulations. In order to stay one step ahead of the constantly changing regulations, the organisers can use Inscribe to register visitors and participants and, if necessary, provide the public health department with a list of everyone present. The digital solution via QR Code registration saves time and effort in the documentation and maintenance of personal data and is in compliance with data protection laws! After expiration of the prescribed period the personal data will be automatically deleted!

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