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Simple. Contactless. Safe.

Inscribe allows you to digitalize the whole registration process – simple, fast and safe. Free of charge and without any subscription.

With Inscribe you not only save time and get rid of pen & paper, you can also guarantee your guests something of upmost importance: data privacy.

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In a matter of seconds your guests can check-in. 

Hygienic & contactless.

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Generate your guest list for specific dates with just one click. 

Easy & GDPR compliant.

Easy registration

Transparency & traceability

1. Scan QR-Code

Guest scans the QR code at the entrance of the business or in a specified business area.

2. Enter data

Guest enters own personal data and possibly data of those in his/her company into the web-app.

3. Check-in

Personal data will be stored encrypted and are only accessible by business owner.


We show you, how you can easily, contaless and safely register with Inscribe :


What do your guests see, when they check in the digital Guestlist?

Simply register, generate your individual QR code and print it. Your guests can scan the code with their mobile phones and enlist – digital and contactless.
What do your guests see?

Data privacy matters to us.

Inscribe is GDPR compliant. Why? With your private key, only you can access the digital guest list to provide the list to the authorities if required. As long as guests did not consent to other options, by default their data will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

Simple. Contactless. Safe. in every environment.

By using Inscribe, your guests, participants and visitors gain double benefits: Reduction of the risk of infection and Protection of personal data.

It does not matter, where Inscribe is used: at the gym, at the café, in the museum, at the sports club or at the store. Inscribe is individually implementable for every business, every organization and every company in every sector.

Want more?

Inscribe is a flexible and modular solution. That’s how it can easily be fitted to your needs. Looking for an individual branding or additional features?

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The basic features of Inscribe are free and accessible without any subscription.

Inscribe will constantly extended with new features. These are completely optional for users. The basic use will not be restricted by new features. Fee-based Features aim to add new and additional value to a wider extent.

Inscribe. Free and fully operational for your business:

  • Create a business profile
  • Create and use your own QR codes
  • Guest check-in & check-out
  • Access to the responsive inscribe web app
  • Encryption of customer data
  • Decryption of customer data with private access key
  • Easy export of customer data
  • Marketing opt-in for customers

You want more? Talk to us about Inscribe for business:

  • Supporting multiple locations
  • Live dashboard for current number of visitors
  • Individual branding
  • Premium Support
  • Create your own forms and surveys
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Own domain
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